Holy Family is affiliated with Bread for the World (BFW), and with Omaha Together One Community (OTOC).

Bread for the World

BFW is a citizens lobby.  It comprises a collection of organizations, mostly Christian churches, and citizens, that work together to educate then act to enact government policies that minimize hunger locally and around the world.   Holy Family is a member organization.

Omaha Together One Community

OTOC is a local multi-ethnic, interfaith organization whose members work together to change the lives of ordinary citizens through social justice and local political action.  Members are mostly congregations.  Holy Family is a member church.  OTOC gathers information with meetings one-on-one, in neighbor’s houses, and in churches.  Folks learn from Leadership Development Sessions throughout Spring and Summer.  When issues and problems are uncovered OTOC members organize into action groups, then study, then meet with government officials to try to better the situation.

Action groups at present are  Mental Health Care, Environment and Sustainability, Medicaid Reform and Fair Tax Policy, Housing and Revitalization, Immigration and Refugees, and Predatory Lending.  Visit or the events page of this site for more information.