Door Ministry

Over 60 people are served each day the Door Ministry is open. This number includes adult stop-ins for clothing and food items. The Door Ministry is open Monday through Thursday from 9 AM – 12 noon most weeks of the year. In February, 2017, the daily average was 75 people.

For the fiscal year July 2016 – June 2017:
Food Pantries – 2700 families with 3400 children were served.

In June, 2017, 219 families with 277 children were served.

Folks at Mary Our Queen contribute food donations every month.  These same folks provided all of the hot dogs for the 4th of July lunch on June 30.  Volunteers from Tarkio, Missouri, come monthly to help in both the Door Ministry and the lunch program. Bread, sweets, and meat are delivered weekly through Holy Family’s food redistribution program. Excess food and clothes are shared with the Beautiful Gate Ministries, and with the Winnebago Indian reservation. Thanks to all our volunteers.  They are greatly appreciated!

Jack Kelly, long-time assistant to Pattie, retired at the end of June. Thank you, jack, for your many years of service.

The sock and underwear program was held on Friday, July 21, from 4-7 pm, and Saturday, July 22, from 9 am-12 noon, in 2017, at St. Vincent de Paul at 21st and Leavenworth.

 Thanks to our volunteers, and to the Omaha World Herald’s Goodfellows, Holy Family has held an Annual School Socks and Underwear Giveaway for many years for school-age children. Three years ago we began a voucher program. This year the Society of St. Vincent de Paul took over the program. Holy Family volunteers mentored them this year. Volunteers are needed in the years to come in order to continue the program. Please contact Bonnie Beacom at St. Vincent De Paul to volunteer: 402 731-4577 or

Goodfellows purchased 1000 gift cards ($20.00 each) from Target. Vouchers, 1000 of them, were given to parents at the Giveaway who then took them to Target, chose their underwear and socks, went to the checkout counter and handed the cashier a voucher for each child. The cashier  placed the gift card with the voucher, and Target kept those. All gift cards were redeemed.

Volunteers and monetary donations are always needed. 

TO VOLUNTEER contact our Door Minister, Pattie Fidone at 402-341-6561.

TO DONATE: Send donations to Holy Family Door Ministry, 1715 Izard St., Omaha, NE 68102. Mark checks For Door Ministry, or click the donate button below!