The Education and Advocacy Committee is chaired by Linda Ohri, and meets  on various Sundays as needed at Holy Family after 10 AM mass.  The Committee sponsors various sessions on matters of interest after 10 am mass at Holy Family.  The public is invited to these sessions.

SERVING THOSE IN NEED: CHANGES IN 2019:  Holy Family Deacon Al Aulner,  and Deacon Marty Smith of the St. Vincent de Paul Society led a discussion on Sunday, January 13th.  The discussion was about the changes occurring all around us: new construction at Siena-Francis; the offices of St. Vincent de Paul now housed in Holy Family’s rectory; multiple new housing units west of the church; and east; and an aging, smaller parish membership.  Others were invited to join our common effort to serve the homeless and needy people who come to our area for help.

SUSTAINABLE LIVING:  Brent Crampton from Hillside Solutions gave a presentation on Sunday, February 10. His presentation focused on ways of sustainable living. Brent talked about ways to reuse, to recycle, and ways to compost.  Hillside Solutions collaborates with a compost farm, Soil Dynamics, that turns trash into compost.

CHURCH COMMUNICATION AND DECISIONS: On March 3 Dr. Mike Lawler, PhD, Theologian and Creighton University Professor Emeritus, spoke on decision-making and communication in the catholic Church.  The discussion included the history of Vatican City.  The meaning of the Curia and its role in advising the Pope in decision-making was also discussed, along with some changes being implemented by Pope Francis.

Topics wished for future sessions are solicited and should be given to Linda Ohri.