The Education and Advocacy Committee is chaired by Linda Ohri, and meets  on various Sundays as needed at Holy Family after 10 AM mass.  Next meeting is on April 2, 2017.

Marie Micheletto spoke on Sunday, January 29 after 10:00 am Mass at Holy Family Church.   The title of her talk was: “Humor and Gratitude– Strategies for Facing Life’s Challenges”

Sr. Marie Micheletto, R.S.M. is a Sister of Mercy of the Americas.   She has practiced as a psychotherapist, as well as resource person for Hospice and “No One Dies Alone.  She is a frequent public speaker sharing her humor and inspiration in spiritual and practical life guidance.

 Holy Family church on 18th Street between Izard and Cuming Streets sponsored a series of short talks Saturdays during Lent.  The talks were on CDs by Fr. John Baldwin, S.J., Ph.D.  

Bread for the World (BFW) Sunday, was May 7, 2016.  The focus was about child hunger, at home, and around the world. Folks were and still are are urged to write Congress to support child nutrition programs, including school meals, summer feeding, and the WIC program for pregnant women and their young children.

OTOC Events

OTOC will have an Accountability Session with Candidates for Mayor and the City Council on May 1.

OTOC will sponsor an Omaha Candidate Accountability Session with candidates for Mayor and the City Council.  The event will take place on Monday, May 1, at 7:00 PM, at St. Leo the Great Church, 102nd and Blondo.  The primary election is on Tuesday, April 4.  The first two candidates with the most votes for each office will advance to the general election on Tuesday, May 9.  These candidates will be invited.  Questions about safe and affordable housing, fair treatment for immigrants, the environment and sustainability, limits to Pay Day loan fees, welcoming refugees, and criminal justice will be posed and discussed.  Candidates will be asked to state their positions on these issues and be asked to work with OTOC on actions to improve life in our city.

OTOC’s new action groups are  Mental Health, Environment and Sustainability, Community Violence Research, and Death and Taxes.  The last group continues to discuss how to bring the health insurance to all.  Other action groups continue on housing rehab, education, and development, and refugees.  Visit for more information.