The Education and Advocacy Committee is chaired by Linda Ohri, and meets  on various Sundays as needed at Holy Family after 10 AM mass.


Holy Family’s Education and Advocacy Committee hosted Holy Family Deacon Al Aulner,  and Deacon Marty Smith of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in a discussion after the 10:00 a.m. Mass, 11:10 am, on Sunday, January 13th.  The discussion was about the changes occurring all around us: new construction at Siena-Francis; the offices of St. Vincent de Paul now housed in Holy Family’s rectory; multiple new housing units west of the church; and east; and an aging, smaller parish membership.  We invite others to join our common effort to serve the homeless and needy people who come to our area for help.

Holy Family’s Education and Advocacy Committee sponsored Dr. Jeanne Schuler, and Dr. Kathy Grant, from OTOC’s Immigration and Refugee Action Team, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018.    Immigrants, Dreamers, and those on TPS (Temporary Protective Status), 300,000 total, need help. OTOC asks us to contact our members of Congress.  Ask them to act to protect Dreamers from deportation and renew TPS status for those so long in this country that they know no other and will be in threat for their lives should they return now. Visit for more information on this and other OTOC actions.