The Door Ministry

Today, the Door Ministry is backed by support from people all over the city. Because of this, Holy Family Parish is able to serve many more who  need help. The Office is open between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM Monday through Thursday and can be accessed through an entrance on the North side of the church building. The Door Ministry provides clothing for adults and children, pantries, and financial assistance for rent, utilities, transportation, pharmacy and other needs as presented. We maintain a file of those receiving pantries and financial assistance. In 2016-17, July-June, about 12,000 adults and children were helped with food, clothing or financial assistance.

The sock and underwear program was on Friday, July 21, from 4-7 pm, and Saturday, July 22, from 9 am-12 noon, in 2017, at St. Vincent de Paul at 21st and Leavenworth. Parents were able to receive $20 vouchers for their children – 1,000 were given out.  All were redeemed.

 Thanks to our volunteers, and to the Omaha World Herald’s Goodfellows, Holy Family has held an Annual School Socks and Underwear Giveaway for many years for school-age children. Three years ago we began a voucher program. This year the Society of St. Vincent de Paul took over the program. Holy Family mentored them this year doing everything the same as usual, with the exception that it was held at the St Vincent de Paul site on 21st and Leavenworth St. Volunteers helped. In the years to come many volunteers will still be needed to continue the program. Please contact Bonnie Beacom at St. Vincent de Paul to volunteer: 402-731-4577 or

Goodfellows purchased  the one thousand gift cards ($20.00 each) from Target. Vouchers were given to parents at the Giveaway. They took them to Target, chose their underwear and socks, abd at the checkout counter gave the cashier the voucher for each child. The cashier placed a gift card with each voucher for Target to keep. All the gift cards were redeemed.

The Food Re-Distribution Program

Each day, Holy Family vans make their rounds to over 30 locations to pick up unsold food from cooperating groceries, bakeries and restaurants throughout the metro Omaha area The food is then re-distributed to pantries, shelters, residential facilities for the mentally handicapped, Catholic Charity facilities, the Nebraska youth prison and a number of Omaha Housing Authority high rise facilities. This program benefits many low income, needy, and elderly persons.

This program recovers and moves about 1,000 pounds of food a day. This is usable food that would otherwise be thrown away.  The cost for this program is the care and upkeep of the vans, insurance and fuel.  Volunteers, most Knights of Columbus, drive the vans. More drivers are needed. To volunteer please contact Deacon Al, 401-345-1062.

The Lunch Program

Lunch giveaways benefit charitable facilities and individual low income homeless persons. Each day, Sunday through Friday, a crew of volunteers gathers in Holy Family’s social hall and makes sandwiches and assembles hundreds of lunches. In addition to a meat sandwich, the lunches might include bottled water, crackers, cookies, chips, and fruit when available. The number of lunches needed on any given day is influenced by the weather and the needs of other organizations. but a monthly average is about 7,000.